Welcome y’all to another new episode dubbed shopping in Dubai.

DUBAI… the shopping capital. Brands from all over the world converge in this city to make statements and showcase sophistication. At the time of our visit in January, there were massive discounts on products – from shoes, to clothes, handbags, make-up, household items, furniture, fragrances… Yes, to confectionery… the list goes on and on. So in case you want to visit Dubai, January is one of the best months since the sales last up to the 31st of January. Additionally,
its low season, meaning hotel rates are super duper cheap and there are no many people. Therefore you get the chance of shopping more and visiting as many places as you possibly could. We took a sample of some of the many brands that had massive sales, do enjoy!

Doreen trying out some nude ”new look’ stilettos. 
Maureen testing some makeup.

There is sooooo much you can buy from Dubai. Choices are often hard to make since you get struck by way too many options, let alone decide for what to pay for – yes, total dilemma. Therefore, financial discipline is utterly advised.

The malls are huge and exquisitely designed, with Arabic artefacts and patterns, high ceilings and wide isles – pure bliss.


And so much more………………………………..


Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.


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