The fact that we are twins does not necessarily have to mean that we should wear the same kind of clothing so as to look the same. That kind of philosophy unfortunately does not apply to us. One morning we can wake up and totally wear absolutely different clothing. That’s just how we were brought up and we like it that way because anyway, despite us even having the different styles and mode of dressing we will still look alike, that’s enough..haha!

In this post, we just wanted to blend in the flow with twin top dresses in colors grey and white that we wore to the beach while on vacay some time back in Watamu. They were so light and unique, plus they also double up as tops that can be worn with skater skirts or even loose pants. We love the sheer vibes on the hands, it brings a cute feeling to the whole ensemble.

This year, we plan to plunge more on dresses, be it party, official or even casual, dresses act as paramount staples in our closets since they are so easy to style and take a lesser time to even pack and go in case you are planning for a safari.

What type of wear are you planning to plunge on this year? Feel free to share with us in the comment box below.


Emu Twins.

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