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The Coast… one of our favorite places on earth, literally. Our getaways are mainly for us to have time to relax and unwind, a moment to bond with each other due to the little time we usually have during our daily career routines. We also get time to get creative. We share ideas about our world of content creation, we capture some moments, walk around, have fun, enjoy the warm climate, take dips and explore the cultures within.

The PALM TREES…so innocently beautiful, so deep green, tremendously naturally patterned and endlessly glowing. They often sway gracefully and are occasionally calm – evidence of the tranquility manifest. The calmness evident is so serene, a place one would want to exist eternally. We love the fact that they can grow in Nairobi, even in the whole of Africa thus we can have the Coastal atmosphere always.

The SAND…timelessly white and bright, so smooth and subtle to the skin. This sand is perfect for scrubbing the body, including the face. It removes all the dead skin, leaving it clean, smooth and young. The best time to use this sand is during steam sessions, whereby you get to scrub off the skin and exfoliate extensively. So you can make a point of carrying some sand from the beach and make use of it later.

The WATER… surely therapeutic, thoroughly refreshing, with waves endlessly and tirelessly thrashing, with rainbows reigning, and reflections representing. This adequately relaxes the mind and body.

US… unceasingly active, ready to explore and appreciate what the universe has to offer. What is your favorite spot on earth? The Coast? The City? The Outskirts? Where? Let’s chat.

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