Happy end of April everybody…

It’s a few hours to the beginning of the month of May. We hope that your monthly goals are already set and we wish you the very best in executing them.

This episode takes us back while we were in the United Arab Emirates. We went to the beach for our normal routines of unwinding while feeling the heat, cool wavy waters and marveling at the scenic views of Dubai.

Our chill out turned out to be a “celebrity moment” with people taking pictures of us and requesting for selfies and photos. This was quite overwhelming and shocking, since we were in a foreign country with people from all walks of life. We couldn’t help but just smile and wish to proceed with our beach agenda… later. This took like half an hour, it was really crazy and fun at the same time. At least we enjoyed every bit of it.

Location: Jumeirah Beach

Share with us, have you ever experienced that ‘celebrity moment’ in a foreign country? Let us know in the comment section below.

Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.


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