Happy February everybody. We hope you’re productive and active in doing the things that add value to your life and the people around you. It is raining in Nairobi, the weather patternsbare definitely changing, but at leat it’s shining too – experiencing both worlds is just perfect. However, most parts of the world that usually experience snow during this winter experience it no more. Global warming is here and we hope that something can be done to alleviate it or perhaps reduce it; for the good of the human race. In Kenya, we have a law which states that if you cut one tree, you should plant two. As for us, we’d advocate for no cutting trees at all.

Moreover, people are polluting the environment in myriad ways which is detrimental to the planet. Definitely, the effects of planet earth affect the universe. It’s clear that profit has overruled preservation. SAD. When we were at the Miracle Garden in Dubai, we narvekedbat at the level of lusciousness and magnificence that there is in the world – so genuine. This was the most stunning display of nature that we have ever seen – utter bliss and bloom. A space with 150 million scented flowers displayed in colorful patterns and shapes clearly depicts a creative array of exquisiteness. No wonder the garden earned two Guineas World Records and has more than 1.5million visitors per year.

We toured the Miracle Garden for about 4hours as we captured pictures and moments with other tourists from all over the world; as we also indulged in refreshments from the various cafes within the vicinity. Nothing can really compare to nature. NOTHING. Nature is all elegance & glamour. The Miracle Garden showcased various weddings in one – a space so serene and aromas so appealing. Wow was the metaphor.

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