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    Merry Christmas dear ones. Christmas is an event, a great one at that. It’s that time again we get to express love through sharing; the moment to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is also a special occasion when people get to reconnect with their



    Ladies and gents, welcome aboard to a new episode. It’s time to Crop it Up and Short it Down. Cool? The sun was out and so were we!!! Of course, ha-ha. Up and down, in and out, happy and jumpy.  This day started out with some fog and drizzles in the morning but was later warm with spells of sunshine. Quite honestly, we really enjoy when the atmosphere is bright and sunny – we get psyched up for the day plus there is usually much to do and ideas just flow…things get done faster, you know…Therefore, shorts and crop tops were the mantra for the day coupled up with sneakers.

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    Welcome back to another episode of Booted.  The atmosphere outside the hustle and bustle of the city is normally fresh, calm, peaceful and definitely healthy for the soul. The sound of trees swaying, birds chirping, leaves falling, windy spells, rain drops… is totally rejuvenating. City life is typically busy, crowded, trafficky (as in much traffic 😊) and noisy. But hey, city life is city life. We’ve never come across a calm city. Never…

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    Hello everyone! How you doing? Is October about to end because it was just the beginning a few days ago. As we are writing this post, it is pouring heavily, the rainy season is back. So, today’s post is all about the tropical vibes. This was one of those days whereby we wanted to just head out as sisters and catch up on what is going on

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    Welcome to the new episode dubbed GRADUATE. We dare you, we dare you to graduate to new heights, to new places, to new modes of thoughts and actions, to new beginnings, to new atmospheres, oh my… to new lives to new challenges so as to have a new world – one which is more exciting, promising, full of life and energy. GRADUATE TO THE NEW… Graduating from anything is fulfilling… a small car to a bigger one, a cyclist

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    Hey loves, we hope your month is going on well as you had planned. For us, everything is running smooth though busy. Today’s post we are spilling where we went to during the past weekend. We were honored to attend the Mexico National Day at the Mexican Ambassador’s Residence situated at Loresho. The event saw most if not all Mexicans living in Kenya attend the event and unite with their fellow Mexicans living and working in Kenya. We chose our outfits the nights before the event and we decided that we are wearing pleated dresses. Maureen got her outfit way before me and started modeling all over, Doreen got so…

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    Happy September loves! It’s already mid-month and we really had to put up a post. This is one of the longest post we have ever written since we started blogging, so just grab a cup of tea, milk, water or whatever drink.. Haha.We have never never had a walk at Karura ever. Doreen only goes to Karura when she has meetings and parties at the River Cafe (a cafe inside the forest) but has never taken a walk in the forest. Maureen on the other hand has never even attempted



    Hey loves! We hope that you are grinding as usual, because we are. Ladies, you know how men try to wonder why we always say that we have no clothes yet our closets are bursting with all manner of clothes left, right and centre? Well, this is definitely something that will take men a while to understand. What better way to solve this problem than to tell you how you can just mix, match and go, no matter the prints. This is actually the main title of this post. We wore different

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    Welcome to the new episode of bonding in the wild. The sun shined today – a moment that got us totally jovial after spells of chilly days and nights. Being a weekend and the fact that we were both off from work, meant an outdoor activity was mandatory. Due to our busy schedules, we rarely get to bond as sisters let alone TWINS . Therefore, we took a trip to the wild and spent time chatting about