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Hi guys! How are you doing? Remember what we told you about our recent trip to Watamu? Here is our first post regarding our trip. One of the must go-to places is the Mida Creek. Our point of interest was the floating restaurant at the heart of the creek. The restaurant is known as the Crab Shack restaurant. We decided…read more
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Happy new month everyone! It's July already and do not even talk about chasing our goals swiftly before the end of the year; well...... we got only six months, it's crazy! So, a week ago we attended the KCB Karen Masters 2019 event which is basically a golf event whereby international and local pro golfers showcase what has made them…read more


Hi everyone. We do hope that the month of June is treating you just fine. We are also doing superb on our end. As we are writing this piece, we are in the majestic Watamu, the sun is out and we are enjoying every minute of it. Today's look is all about being casual, nothing serious, more of a laid…read more


Hi everyone. We do hope that the month of June is going well so far on your end. As for us, the rain and weather is ish ish. So unpredictable; one minute it is raining, the next minute the cold is biting and the next second it is sunny. In the end you start questioning the choice of clothes that…read more
Escapades, Vacays


Hey guys, how you doing? It's almost mid-year already, how fast though?! For us, it is business as usual. Remember we had told you guys to brace yourselves for our subsequent posts on the mini vacay we had recently? Well, this is the second post; the title says it all. We have a confession guys, we both tend to be…read more


Hi guys, How are your Easter preparations going on so far? Any getaways or family dinners planned? We are sure they are. We were currently searching for hotel getaways and guess what?! 90% of the best getaways in Kenya are already sold out. This is a clear indication of how people value holidays. I mean, of all the crazy schedules…read more


Hi guys, We hope that you are all doing well this April so far. As for us, we are not complaining, we are busy with work as well as the blog as usual. Though there is only one thing we are fussing about…the heat whoa! Speaking of the weather, like really, we are literally roasting in this heat, it's insane.…read more

Get your FABFITFUN box today

Hello darlings, we hope you are hyped up for the weekend, life and FABFITFUN. Yes, we have the pleasure of introducing you to this remarkable company that we recently collaborated with. FabFitFun box for Summer box 2018 FabFitFun has lovely goodies that are FABulous, FIT and FUN - The name says it all. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to purchase these…read more


Happy March dear ones. It's such a hot month here in the capital, Nairobi. Temperatures are up to a high of 35°C! It's too hot but we're handling it :) We hope you are fairing on well and smashing your goals one by one. Welcome to a new episode dubbed 'WE HOPE.' We hope you are living, Living in freedom…read more