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Rugby has become one of our recent favorite sports, and we do not mean the players as many men would think, it’s the game in general. So, I (Doreen) joined touch rugby in sometime back in July last year as a part time fun activity.  At first it was kind of crazy, like the running and all, I almost even gave up for sure. Thanks to my rugby friends, who convinced me not to give up just yet, so I heeded.

My number one fan, Maureen!

 I decided to give it another shot and funny thing is that as the training continued, I actually started loving it such that I did not want to miss any training whatsoever. The fun started when I began participating in tournaments both in Nairobi and beyond. So, I ended up rallying Maureen to come and watch me as I played the game. Maureen can tell you that I am quite a decent player, try me, haha!

So, this was one of those days, we had a tournament at the Railways Sports ground and some are from the Nairobi Polo Club grounds. We had so much fun alongside our friends. Usually after the games it’s more of a chill and drink time as we discuss the grey areas that we need to work on.

Doreen and the girls.
The model Maureen, ain’t she stunning!
And we WON!

Are you a sports person, or more so, which sport fanatic are you? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. Thanks so much for reading.


Emu Twins.

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