We do hope your Easter holiday went well, ours went well too. We had an awesome time with family and friends, they mean everything to us. Finally, the sun is looking up to be well at least for now, thank God! We wanted to have a touch of white in our outfits  when doing this post. Consequently, we added a touch of colour in both our tops and shoes. We had no idea of where to go and hang out this Easter
season, so we decided to google an outdoor restaurant the night before and we found out this pleasant haven!

To think that we have come to Ramboo and Fairdeal one too many times and haven’t realized that there is a restaurant there is quite astonishing. Later on, we were so inquistive and had to ask when it was launched and it happened to be last year in September. You could have seen us, having the ‘no wonder’ kind of faces. LOL!

It has a scenic view of the Nairobi National Park whereby we were able to see zebras and antelopes running around. How amazing! The food was amazing and the service was prompt and delish! Definitely worth coming back once more. It also boasts of a casino for the casino lovers. Y’all need to try out this place, like yesterday.

Happy Weekend!

Location: Captain’s Terrace Restaurant

Floral top: Topshop

White leggings: Max

Blue heels: 2LipsT00

Peach top: Topshop

White skirt: Foxroom

Animal print heels: Delicious

As always, thanks for reading!


Emu Twins.


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