Happy holidays everybody…

We’re glad we made it to this time. God, thank you very much. It’s literally the end of the year. Well, the mind is full of thoughts – memories, sentiments and events that transpired. And finally, GRATITUDE. It’s the time for end of year parties and more so rewards for the fruitful employees. It’s also the time for sales/offers in various stores worldwide, not to mention, it’s travel time.

It’s travel time for most people, since this is the only/one of the few moments they have to spend with their families due to work regulations. For most Kenyans, going to the village is mandatory since most of the parents and/or relatives reside there. It’s delightful being around your kin; the anticipation is usually immeasurable. But most importantly, people need to rest.

Since the new year is just around the corner, we wish you bliss and glamor, blessings and favor. May you live your heaven on earth. Be good, be kind, forgive and forget, smile and shine, read the Holy book and pray every day. A happier 2024 in advance folks!

Many thanks for reading.

Emu Twins.

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