Hi guys, we do hope that the month of April is treating you well so far. We are so happy that the rainy season is back. The hot weather was getting so unbearable, and we could not wait for the rains to arrive. Farmers, including our Mum had really waited for the rains because she had already tilled her land and was just waiting for the planting season.

Right now, she is all smiles because the crops are maturing so fast. Anyways, enough with the April rains. We decided to spend the Easter holidays in Nanyuki just to relax and have a good time. We enjoyed ourselves since it was a much needed break away from the city. We stayed at the Arberdare Prestige and Royal Cottages and it was so magnificent. How did you spend your Easter holiday?

Moving on, for this post, we decided to twin in yellow since it matched perfectly with both nature and our melanin; we loved the outcome. There’s just a way we tend to lean on bold colors that tend to accentuate our skin tone even better. This year, we plan to add more bold staples into our closet. Enjoy the rest of the post.

Outfit Details

Yellow dress (left) :: Bershka

Sunglasses (left) :: Calvin Klein

Yellow dress (right) :: H&M

Sunglasses (right) :: Fendi

As always, thank you so much for reading.


Emu Twins.

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