Happy September everybody… We’re hoping that all your goals are dynamic and perhaps ready for accomplishment, as we serve you some tribal vibes in this episode. The tribal print is timeless; it’s our second favorite print after the African print. This print is vibrant, lively, carefree and just perfect for any occasion. It stands out and commands attention; the details in the patterns are sophisticated and charmingly complex.

The print is infinite with so many details that one can innovate. This print vividly exhibits how life is. Full of myriad choices and chances, lessons and levels, risks and rewards, opportunities and options.

These dresses were comfortable and attractive, perfectly blending with nature. They were free and perfect for the coastal temperature which is normally hot and humid. No doubt.

As fashion stylists, we are inspired by prints such as this – the tribal print. It speaks a lot about life. A world full of billions of people, with billions of destinies, billions of personalities and definitely billions of ideas.

Follow your heart’s desires, follow your dream, follow your passion. This is what your heart beats for. Certainly. Achieve that purpose and keep dwelling in its fulfillment; for many are born, but few achieve.

Location: Malindi, Kenya (White Elephant Sea & Art Lodge).

Life is good,

Life is fun,

Life is worth it.

Live it and Love it.

Many thanks for reading,


Emu Twins.


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