Hi loves! Well.. it’s August already, finally, the summer month is here. For us, we love the sun and we frequently joke of how our bodies are just meant for the sun. Reason being, this is the only time you can be able to flaunt anything light and stylish and expose your skin a little or even more, as you may wish.

As the title of the post suggests, you may have a hint of what the blog post is about, yes, bikinis all over the place, sorry. We wanted to do a matchy matchy bikini post and so we went ahead and got our hands on matching bikini prints thought not the same design nor colour.

A fact that most people do not know about us is that as much as we are twins, we dislike wearing identical stuff. That stage departed us when we were around seven years of age. It sounds strange but it’s the truth.

Till now, we can be identical by wearing the same print of any cloth or shoe, but it must be a different design and colour. So, this was the day when we had gone just to relax by the beach, phones offline ready to connect with the breathtaking waves and ocean breezes. Enjoy the rest of the post.

Serving you some beach bums
Matchy matchy bikinis
With our bestie Cate, love you! She’s the reason we went to Watamu since it was her birthday.
Some colour pop

Outfit Details:

Bikinis :: bikini_world2030 on Instagram

Kimonos :: Tailor made

Maureen’s (left) Sunnies :: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Doreen’s (right) Sunnies :: Forevertrendy22

Location: Watamu, Kenya.

As always, thanks so much for reading.


Emu Twins.


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