Hello dear ones,

We hope you are thriving and are a driving force of relevance during this time – working smart and thinking beyond the ordinary. Quite honestly, this has been the busiest time in our lives – literally. Early mornings filled with busy schedules and late nights engrossed with deadlines to meet. We are not complaining though, but are rather grateful for the fact that we are busy chasing our goals and dreams in this arena of life. Fun fact though, we never have time for TV nor movies. Sound surreal, right? That’s a fact, not fiction, ha-ha…!

Please continue praying, keep your hope/faith alive and stay safe. We cannot take chances with life and more so health, health is wealth. Let’s permanently guard it jealously. There is no room for carelessness with the COVID-19 pandemic. No room at all. People are still succumbing to its effects, more infections are being recorded and the human race is trying it’s best to resuscitate activities back to normal. There is surely light at the end of the tunnel. Our genuine efforts will surely be rewarded.

On the other hand, shorts, crop tops and sandals are such an easy way of pairing an outfit. It’s more of a pick, wear and go outfit. Simple and fun by the beach, or the pool side, or even just chilling around. You can choose which shorts suit you best. Either the high waist ones or the basic ones. Same is for the crop tops, either the highly or lowly cropped ones work. Create your own magic.

As you all know, palm trees are beautiful and effortlessly glossy. No wonder they are one of our favorite trees and so is the coastal environment. So serene and subtle. We also love the fact that hotels/residences at the coast extend the beachy environment within the occupants’ premises in form of pretty swimming pools, thus easily accessible for a dip anytime and photoshoots. So thoughtful. What’s your easiest outfit to pair? Let’s chat below.

Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.

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