Frills, tassels, name it… this fashion pattern is magnificent, a well thought-of idea – food aside (seriously..haha!). This is one of the beauties of human beings. How diverse individuals create designs which evoke such intense unity of people on earth; in such a manner that discourse has never achieved in centuries. The power of the mind is indeed always a mystery. This global unison of art humbles everyone in one voice of appreciating imagination
by getting adorned in these outfits.

Fashion, Art and Style has indeed united us.

When we are out shopping, heaven has a way of giving us ideas of places to go where we get fine clothing that matches our taste, as well as provide unique concepts on the content to work with for blog posts. We call these M…I…R…A…C…L…E…S. Literally folks…

For this post, the miracle dawned on the frilled top and skirt matched with the one of the neutral colors of life – Ms. White.

What aspects of style do you look for when shopping? Let’s chat below.

Thank you for reading!


Emu Twins.

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