Happy October everybody. Quite honestly, this month has rushed. Literally…it’s unbelievable. It seems as though the year 2020 can’t wait to catch a glimpse of us, ha-ha. The short rains are in Nairobi and most parts in Kenya actually, but at least the sun pops out in the afternoons – we consider this as a blessing. For real. Spells of sunshine in the midst of a rainy season is just pure bliss.

There are many occasions lined up this month and we will definitely share the events with you, little by little. The year is almost coming to a close and usually there are many offers/sales in many different stores. This is something that we will also be looking forward to – some decent shopping and giving back to society as well.

We literally save for such sales since most of them happen only once a year, so why not get stuff at bargain prices, huh…? We hope you’ve been saving too and are looking out for any bargains. Feel free to share with us any available bargains so far.

What’s on your shopping list this sales season? Kindly share below 🙂

Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.


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