Be tender to yourself. Don’t be harsh. Realize how delicate you are; you are your most important asset; the author of your existence. When you work hard and achieve some of your goals, reward yourself – spa sessions, sumptuous gastronomies, new apparels, random expeditions… A-HA?

Spoil yourself with cool cologne; soak in red roses and aromatic water; get lost in exhilarating adventures.Travel the world and meet people from different walks of life; share experiences; socialize and build lifelong connections; always be open-minded and positive.

Open your eyes and mind to see and think beyond the status quo; think big; dream wild, for the world needs intelligences.

Empower yourself with knowledge by reading books. Try something new – a recipe, hobby, or escapade.

Share stories with peers or strangers and give to the less fortunate. Show love.

As we say in the fashion world. You can choose to be COLOURED or to be BLACK and WHITE – they both rock!!!

Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.


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