Seizing every moment is what we live for. We all love memories or memoirs as Maureen mentions it. It calls for a memory that needs a picture behind it. This particular day, we decided to do some morning jogs across the coastline in line with our keeping fit agenda. Since the weather in the morning is usually kinda cold and humid, we
usually jog when covered a bit, but with bikinis underneath.

The main reason is because after the jog, we tend to sweat a lot and the only cooling effect we have is taking a quick cold beach swim while enjoying the powerful waves right after, before heading back to the hotel. A bottle of water also adds up to the replenishing that our bodies need. You guys definitely know how essential a bottle of water after some exercise can do.

Our jogging routine is usually thrice a week, and we always exercise in the morning and its for an hour. What we love about it is that exercising your muscles in the morning makes the body so energized, which is healthy and refreshing. Apart from jogging, we do other exercises that we won’t mention now, it will be in one of our upcoming post, so look out for it.

This is what we wore during our jog. We decided to wear a hint of peach for color. Immediately after, we headed to quickly freshen up so that we could have breakfast on time. If you could only know the hunger pangs that we had?! Then you can clearly guess how fast the food was devoured. Later in the day, we took some street strolls. Will share our experience with you in our next post. Enjoy the rest of your week!

As always, thanks so much for reading!


Emu Twins.



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