Happy April darlings. We hope you are doing well, keeping safe, and staying productive during this time. We hope you’re praying too. Life has changed. Most people are now working from home. Students are having their classes live streamed. Both religious services, shopping, and business are online. Here in Kenya, a lockdown has been effected from 7 pm to 5 am. The April rains are on time, and they’re heavy – and so is the COVID-19 situation. Let’s keep the faith alive.

Location: Malindi, Kenya.

Feeling the heat 🙂

Well, the COVID-19 situation is still here, and it’s puzzling. We always pray for the best and have also chosen to remain positive. We have to be obedient to the rules and regulations set by our governments to overcome this pandemic. We are happy because many people are recovering, and nations are doing their very best to contain this virus.

Loving the cool waters

We sincerely thank all the medical personnel and all the donors worldwide. They are sacrificing their lives to fight this battle tirelessly. Your reward is so great. Thank you for keeping the faith alive.

Feeling the breeze 🙂

During this time, we have embarked on reviewing our plans for the year. We are working out more, learning new recipes, and doing some yoga. Moreover, we are learning new languages, studying the Bible, praying, and more. We have to keep the faith alive.

Dazzling Doreen 🙂

Let us live by faith, for faith moves mountains. We are positive that you, who is reading this right now, will survive. You will pull through and make it through this – better, wiser, and stronger. Remember to keep the faith alive.

What activity are you doing during this period? Let’s chat below.

Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.


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