This is one of the bold colors that speaks confidence to humanity and communicates boldly to nature. The beauty of fashion and style is the fact that there’s always something REAL to talk about, something EXOTIC to experiment and something DELICIOUS to write about. As an acronym, the color REDin these outfits depict:

R – Real. Be yourself, to yourself and to others. It’s breathtaking and effortless. Nevertheless, we live in a realistic world with a realist philosophy. This is the best approach to life. Oh, and always date real people.

E – Exotic. You are priceless and timeless; you cannot be bought, not now, not ever. Treat yourself with the great flavors that life offers. Dress remarkably, hustle hard, glow daily. Show them baby, show them!

D – Delicious. You are the best thing that ever happened to you. Work on you every day and unleash the hidden spices that lie beneath you, out of the surface of the planet. Be tasty, it’s unforgettable.

R.E.D… What an incredibly lethal combination.


Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.

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