Merry Christmas people! Who is excited for Christmas? Well, we all know what kind of year this has been. We do hope that whether you have plans or not for this season, it is important that we thank God for life. I mean, we only live once and we appreciate that we are alive to have reached this far. Whether you have achieved your goals this year or not, that does not matter, what matters is that you are alive and that you can still achieve those goals.

Whatever plans that you have this season, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. In case you have your loved ones who are far away from you and cannot be able to join you during this time, kindly make a point of checking up on them from time to time just to make sure that they are okay and safe as you also keep them in your prayers. This pandemic has really shown us how to be more prayerful and appreciate the people around us.

Maureen, the queen of posing..

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