MAXI-MIZED I – The Nairobi Summit on ICPD25

Happy November everybody… We hope you’re excellent and fulfilled in your undertakings. It’s the 11th month of the year and let’s guess that you’re ticking off the set goals for 2019…yes… great. It is raining in Nairobi, which means that warm clothing is our closest option for survival and perhaps some dresses when the sun pops out. Luckily. We are Maxi-Mized both in dressing and in current affairs with the ICPD25 Summit happening in Nairobi.

Given that we are International Relations practitioners, we are following up closely on the ongoing NAIROBI SUMMIT on ICPD25 (International Conference on Population and Development); it runs from 12-14 November under the convening of the governments of Kenya and Denmark and UNFPA. This is the 25th anniversary of the conference and today is the second day of the conference. Delegates from all over the world are gathering in Nairobi to discuss prevention of maternal deaths, family planning, zero gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls.

This summit will cover five themes namely:

  1. Universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights as part of universal health coverage.
  2. Financing required to complete the ICPD Programme of Action and to sustain the gains made.
  3. Drawing on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development.
  4. Ending gender-based violence and harmful practices.
  5. Upholding the right to sexual and reproductive health care even in humanitarian and fragile contexts.

Ladies are susceptible to many vices in the world today. Some choose to suffer for fear of being victimized and others even lose their lives while fighting for justice and more so their human rights.

We also love the back drop in our pictures which shows a group of 8 people holding each other with spears. It signifies love, unity, peace and strength. So impeccable. Everyone has an important role to play so join us on the road to Nairobi and tell us why you march! Use the hashtag #IMarchFor, and tag three people to join the conversation.


Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins 🙂

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