Hey guys, how are you all doing so far? First of all, Happy Birthday to us!! We do hope that you are faring on well this month of October which also happens to be our birthday month. We are so grateful to God to have celebrated our 33rd birthday in style. Our besties surprised us with dinner at the Fogo Gaucho restaurant.

We had such an amazing evening, words cannot even express. Prior to our birthday we had a photoshoot. We figured out that it has been a minute since we did a studio shoot but we ultimately had so much fun. All in all, we cannot believe how fast years have literally flown; it’s just the other day when we were in campus.

In this new year, we are praying for blessings and fruitfulness in all our endeavors and that we will keep on soaring for the skies. Funny fact about this life is that there is no limit to success, meaning that whatever you want to achieve as long as you have the idea in your mind and you are praying and working towards it, then you will definitely achieve. This is our motivation this new year. Enjoy the rest of the post.

As always, thank you so much for reading.


Emu Twins.

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