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Welcome to the new episode dubbed GRADUATE.

We dare you, we dare you to graduate to new heights, to new places, to new modes of thoughts and actions, to new beginnings, to new atmospheres, oh my… to new lives to new challenges so as to have a new world – one which is more exciting, promising, full of life and energy.


Graduating from anything is fulfilling… a small car to a bigger one, a cyclist
to a motorist, an employee to an employer; a student to a graduate… the list is endless.  Such transitions definitely materialize after tons of hard work. For us, being graduates has been a huge achievement.  We studied International Relations with a Concentration in Development Studies and a Minor in Management with some taste of Arabic and Spanish languages – a habit which is ongoing outside the school environment.

                                                              With sweet mummy 🙂 

Y’all know that hard work with no play made Jack a dull boy. Yes, we participated in sports where table tennis was our forte. Doreen was the captain, SALUTE…! Many thanks to United States International University – Africa. We had marvelous experiences, WOW. After four years of dedication, we graduated and entered the labor market. Good Heavens!!! This was one of the happiest days of our lives. The day was just perfect – filled with love and laughter.

                                                                            With lovely sister (in white) and cousin 🙂 

                                                                                           With amazing BFF’s 🙂 

                     At the reception.                                                               

God opened twin doors that saw us work in international organizations – perfectly in line with our career paths. It has been over two years now since we graduated and we are definitely grateful for everything. Graduating into the new era of our lives is what we are after.

If you’re reading this, we hope you get to graduate in the next step of your life and see life anew. Shalom!

Location: Four Points by Sheraton Rooftop

Many thanks for reading.


Emu Twins.


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