Hola hola… How is your February going? Many call it the month of love because of Valentine’s Day.  But seriously, Valentine’s was really taken seriously in Kenya this year. For real. Goodness… there was traffic everywhere, seems like most employees took an off day, in the supermarkets, the chocolate shelves were swept clean, they were empty.

Nairobi was all red. Flowers were making rounds in the streets, delivery motorbikes were busy all day with bouquets, cakes and sweet treats. Honestly, one could feel the love in the air, it was too much a feeling. Some employers also took this chance to appreciate their employees by gifting them with roses and delights in a bid to stimulate their productivity. In fact, the florists mentioned that most of the orders were from companies.

Restaurants and hotels were also massively booked. Well, indeed, love always wins. Oh and yes, social media was buzzing with more delectable deeds. The gossip pages were full of bulletins showing how love birds were uniquely spending their love day. All in all, 24 hours never looked so short. Can we please remain loving forever? Deal?

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Emu Twins.

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