Happy Friday everyone… Fridays are definitely the best weekdays since it means, out of the office and you get some time to relax and handle your personal business. The mood is always good with people getting ready to hook up, catch up, turn up and have happy times. We usually try our best to keep our social circles active by visiting some relatives and/or friends whenever possible or perhaps engage in adventures like getting “Swim Suited…” Shall we?

Better yet, we normally take advantage of weekends by exploring new places and spaces while unwinding. Kenya is expanding rapidly, with new restaurants, hotels, clubs and cafes opening up to give the city fresh vibes and experiences. Kenyans and foreigners at large are always ready to explore these extensive developments.

As usual, this weekend took us to the Coast, again. Obviously by now, you know that the Coast is our second home. Who doesn’t love the Coast though? Swim suits are hence must have items in our luggage since the beach will definitely have to witness our presence – not to mention the beautiful palm trees that keep swaying gracefully as if to signify tranquility and innocence. So surreal.

We adorned in floral swim suits and sunglasses, then spotted some bamboo plantations just beside the beach which got us all excited and ready to capture some moments. Of course, of course we posed just right, looking as tough as bamboo 🙂

Location: Malindi, Kenya.

Many thanks for reading 🙂


Emu Twins 🙂

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