SNATCHED : Emu Twins


Guess what guys, we have decided…We’re both having our weddings at the beach and hopefully, later live by the beach somewhere in this sphere… #caseclosed.

In this episode, we take you down to the Voyager Beach Resort, located at the heart of the coastal region of Nyali in Kenya. Nature at its best, divine atmosphere, bomb cuisine, breathtaking flora, solemn culture and priceless views.

The fresh aroma of aqua, the attractive deep green palm trees that stand tall boldly, the feeling is endless. This post is missing one of the twin who is Maureen. So, it means that you will see the other twin for the subsequent two posts. It is due to the fact that we both work in different organisations and Doreen thought of creating a blog post of where she has been.

Well…. Team buildings are usually there every year and this time around, we happened to go to Mombasa and we were gladly hosted by the amazing Voyager Beach Resort. We were there for three days and it was so much fuuuuun!! Three days out of the office is so much damn relief man, if you know what I mean.

I will just share with you what I wore to the beach since the theme was beachwear and you know we don’t play with themes. I definitely had to kill it, if you guys could only see people’s eyes.. Hehe.. I was so in love with my outfit. Speaking of the kimono that you will see in the subsequent pics, I got it tailor made by our tailor in two hours!!!! Yes!!! Our tailor never disappoints.




Kimono – Tailor made

Swimsuit – Marks and Spencer

Aviators – ForeverTrendy22

Thanks a bunch for reading!



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