It is our hope that you are keeping safe by staying home and sanitizing. In a case where you have to leave the house, kindly maintain social distancing. Moving on, in case you think that this is where we are now according to the pictures, you are wrong. We are at home at the moment keeping ourselves busy during this corona virus pandemic times. We decided to throw it back to some fun Dubai nights. We hanged out at the Movenpick Hotel, Ibn Battuta Gate. It was so chilled out and relaxing, amazing ambience and delish food.

So every Wednesday it is usually ladies’ night meaning that drinks are free, be it alcoholic or not. Usually when we used to go for a night out a while back, we used to enjoy the sounds of banging loud music but that psyche has died a natural death for sure. Our typical kind of night is basically in a hotel or a restaurant with soothing background music that brings a cool vibe. At least you even get a chance to talk with ease with your friends and catch up peacefully without having to shout out loud.

Location: Movenpick Hotel, Ibn Battuta Gate

What is your typical night out, chilled out or club life? Share with us in the comment section below.

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