Hi guys! How are you doing? Remember what we told you about our recent trip to Watamu? Here is our first post regarding our trip. One of the must go-to places is the Mida Creek. Our point of interest was the floating restaurant at the heart of the creek. The restaurant is known as the Crab Shack restaurant.

We decided to have a floral vibe going on so as to blend with the mangroves at the creek and what we can say is that we actually killed it. We had lunch with an amazing view of the fishermen fishing, the mangrove trees blowing, the birds chirping, the waves silently flowing, man! You literally feel like you’re in the amazon.

In case you are wondering about the food at the restaurant, the prices are so pocket friendly and the portions are super satisfying. We will share with you subsequent pictures. Enjoy the rest of the post.

Wearing matchy matchy floral prints to camouflage the mangrove atmosphere.
We took this photo just before entering the creek.
Everyone diving into their meal. As you can see, the food portions are so fulfilling and definitely value for money.
This was the food picture before we dived in. Doreen had chicken and French fries, Maureen had rice and chicken and Kate had Calamari and French fries.
The amazing view at the Creek towards the evening whereby the water now comes to the shore. So breathtaking!

Location: Crab Shack Restaurant, Watamu

Outfit details:

Grey Dress :: Zara Woman

Floral Kimono :: Custom made

Golden Sandals :: A friend’s

Floral Top :: Thrift

White Skirt :: Atmosphere

Thank you for reading.


Emu Twins.

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