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Welcome back to another episode of Booted. 

The atmosphere outside the hustle and bustle of the city is normally fresh, calm, peaceful and definitely healthy for the soul. The sound of trees swaying, birds chirping, leaves falling, windy spells, rain drops… is totally rejuvenating. City life is typically busy, crowded, trafficky (as in much traffic 😊) and noisy. But hey, city life is city life. We’ve never come across a calm city. Never…

In life, we find ourselves in situations where we are getting a million things done within a short period of time; there are deadlines to beat; meetings to attend; goals to achieve and more. In such instances, the mind gets drained, the body worn out and muscles stressed. There is no weekend since Monday to Sunday is jammed with errands and countless duties. This is definitely not a healthy lifestyle.

It is thus important to have some time to cool off away from daily activities, regardless of how cheap or expensive it is. As long as it fits your budget, you’re a step further to relaxation. Turn off your phone, sleep, take nature walks, exercise, swim, dance, eat… do anything that makes you happy.

You need this darling; treat your good self – self love always comes first. During this time of relaxation, we were definitely adorned  in free clothes and boots while taking nature strolls unwinding.

Where and how are you planning to have some me-time to relax? Let’s chat.


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Emu Twins.

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