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    The Coast… one of our favorite places on earth, literally. Our getaways are mainly for us to have time to relax and unwind, a moment to bond with each other due to the little time we usually have during our daily career routines. We also get time to get creative. We share ideas about our world of content creation, we capture some moments, walk around, have fun, enjoy the warm climate, take dips and explore the cultures within. The PALM TREES…so innocently beautiful, so deep green, tremendously naturally patterned and endlessly glowing. They often sway gracefully and are occasionally calm – evidence of the tranquility manifest. The calmness evident is…

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    It’s the end of September and we hope that everything is working just right for y’all. We are excited since next month is our birthday month, hence we’ll treat ourselves to a mini vacation outside the city 😊. The sunny spells in Nairobi have been good and we look forward to more of such. When the sun is out, there’s lots of chances to experiment, especially with clothing… this is what we love to show the world – our outfits. The sun makes us lively and excited. Cold seasons are definitely not our favorite ☹ NO-to-WINTER!! We therefore love the Coastal region due to its ever-blazing weather and humidity. It…

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    Hi loves. We do hope that the month of August has been good to you as it has been for us, especially now that it decided to rain – well, that came by surprise. Today’s post is about one of our hotel tours while we were in Watamu and we were honored to be at the famous Medina Palms. You guys, this is one of the best places we have ever been in Watamu – so serene and breathtaking. The fact that we had travelled during the low season even made it better. One is due to the fact that there is more privacy since guests tend to be very…

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    Hi guys! How are you doing? Remember what we told you about our recent trip to Watamu? Here is our first post regarding our trip. One of the must go-to places is the Mida Creek. Our point of interest was the floating restaurant at the heart of the creek. The restaurant is known as the Crab Shack restaurant. We decided to have a floral vibe going on so as to blend with the mangroves at the creek and what we can say is that we actually killed it. We had lunch with an amazing view of the fishermen fishing, the mangrove trees blowing, the birds chirping, the waves silently flowing,…

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    Hi everyone. We do hope that the month of June is going well so far on your end. As for us, the rain and weather is ish ish. So unpredictable; one minute it is raining, the next minute the cold is biting and the next second it is sunny. In the end you start questioning the choice of clothes that you wore in the morning as compared to the different weather dimensions during the day. So today’s post is about me (Doreen) who had a trip to Mombasa last weekend for work and I had to look the part at the beach as per usual. As much as Nairobi was…

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    Hey guys, how you doing? It’s almost mid-year already, how fast though?! For us, it is business as usual. Remember we had told you guys to brace yourselves for our subsequent posts on the mini vacay we had recently? Well, this is the second post; the title says it all. We have a confession guys, we both tend to be very comfortable with our bodies and hence the reason why we can literally wear anything to the beach. So, this is what we wore to the beach during our stay in Malindi. We got our bikinis from mavazitamu. We hope you enjoy. ION: In case you have interesting getaways for…

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    Hi guys, How are your Easter preparations going on so far? Any getaways or family dinners planned? We are sure they are. We were currently searching for hotel getaways and guess what?! 90% of the best getaways in Kenya are already sold out. This is a clear indication of how people value holidays. I mean, of all the crazy schedules one has been having everyday, what a better way for one to just unwind and relax far away in a serene, peace and quiet environment. Soooo, in case you did not have any plans yet, think about taking yourself or your family out for some time out just to unwind,…

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    WE HOPE.

    Happy March dear ones. It’s such a hot month here in the capital, Nairobi. Temperatures are up to a high of 35°C! It’s too hot but we’re handling it 🙂 We hope you are fairing on well and smashing your goals one by one. Welcome to a new episode dubbed ‘WE HOPE.’ We hope you are living, Living in freedom and fulfilment. We hope you are kind, Kind to yourself and to others. We hope you are grateful, Grateful for the past, present and what is yet to come. We hope you possess genuine love, Genuine love for thyself and humanity. We hope you are true, True to your soul…

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    Welcome y’all to another new episode dubbed shopping in Dubai. DUBAI… the shopping capital. Brands from all over the world converge in this city to make statements and showcase sophistication. At the time of our visit in January, there were massive discounts on products – from shoes, to clothes, handbags, make-up, household items, furniture, fragrances… Yes, to confectionery… the list goes on and on. So in case you want to visit Dubai, January is one of the best months since the sales last up to the 31st of January. Additionally,