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Our go to random places for lunch, dinner or brunch, we'll keep you updated.

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    The Coast… one of our favorite places on earth, literally. Our getaways are mainly for us to have time to relax and unwind, a moment to bond with each other due to the little time we usually have during our daily career routines. We also get time to get creative. We share ideas about our world of content creation, we capture some moments, walk around, have fun, enjoy the warm climate, take dips and explore the cultures within. The PALM TREES…so innocently beautiful, so deep green, tremendously naturally patterned and endlessly glowing. They often sway gracefully and are occasionally calm – evidence of the tranquility manifest. The calmness evident is…

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    Happy new month everyone! It’s July already and do not even talk about chasing our goals swiftly before the end of the year; well…… we got only six months, it’s crazy! So, a week ago we attended the KCB Karen Masters 2019 event which is basically a golf event whereby international and local pro golfers showcase what has made them world class professional golfers. Funny fact, this was our first ever golf event to attend, please do not laugh. All thanks to our bestie Grace (you’ll spot her in subsequent pictures) who hit us up and pressured us to go and we clearly do not regret the experience. We all…

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    Hello everyone! How you doing? Is October about to end because it was just the beginning a few days ago. As we are writing this post, it is pouring heavily, the rainy season is back. So, today’s post is all about the tropical vibes. This was one of those days whereby we wanted to just head out as sisters and catch up on what is going on

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    Happy 2018 everyone.  It is such a blessing to breathe. Thank you God for this season. Let this year be of much work and less talk, Productive days and content moments, Brains that eagerly chase goals, Love that is genuine, WITH Minds so creative, Hands so blessed, Eyes so bright, Legs so flexible, Hearts so warm, Ears so keen, AND Bodies so fit!!! Many thanks for reading. Love, Emu Twins.

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    We do hope that your week is getting along well so far. From time to time, we like matching our outfits so as to fit a certain theme. So, today, we wanted to try out the nude and mix it up with maroon. For sure, we loved the outcome. We paired up the whole look with nude and golden heels respectively. Anyways, we always like going out as sisters in a bid to relax and unwind from our busy schedules and have ample

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    We do hope your Easter holiday went well, ours went well too. We had an awesome time with family and friends, they mean everything to us. Finally, the sun is looking up to be well at least for now, thank God! We wanted to have a touch of white in our outfits  when doing this post. Consequently, we added a touch of colour in both our tops and shoes. We had no idea of where to go and hang out this Easter