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    It’s the end of September and we hope that everything is working just right for y’all. We are excited since next month is our birthday month, hence we’ll treat ourselves to a mini vacation outside the city 😊. The sunny spells in Nairobi have been good and we look forward to more of such. When the sun is out, there’s lots of chances to experiment, especially with clothing… this is what we love to show the world – our outfits. The sun makes us lively and excited. Cold seasons are definitely not our favorite ☹ NO-to-WINTER!! We therefore love the Coastal region due to its ever-blazing weather and humidity. It…



    Happy September everybody… We’re hoping that all your goals are dynamic and perhaps ready for accomplishment, as we serve you some tribal vibes in this episode. The tribal print is timeless; it’s our second favorite print after the African print. This print is vibrant, lively, carefree and just perfect for any occasion. It stands out and commands attention; the details in the patterns are sophisticated and charmingly complex. The print is infinite with so many details that one can innovate. This print vividly exhibits how life is. Full of myriad choices and chances, lessons and levels, risks and rewards, opportunities and options. These dresses were comfortable and attractive, perfectly blending…



    Hi loves! Well.. it’s August already, finally, the summer month is here. For us, we love the sun and we frequently joke of how our bodies are just meant for the sun. Reason being, this is the only time you can be able to flaunt anything light and stylish and expose your skin a little or even more, as you may wish. As the title of the post suggests, you may have a hint of what the blog post is about, yes, bikinis all over the place, sorry. We wanted to do a matchy matchy bikini post and so we went ahead and got our hands on matching bikini prints…



    Hi everyone. We do hope that the month of June is treating you just fine. We are also doing superb on our end. As we are writing this piece, we are in the majestic Watamu, the sun is out and we are enjoying every minute of it. Today’s look is all about being casual, nothing serious, more of a laid back look. The day that we wanted to do the shoot was actually a sunny day, hence the reason as to why we opted for a casual look. So we went ahead and paired up fitting bodycon dresses and sport shoes and finally spiced up the whole look with sunnies.…



    Hi everyone! How is the month of May coming along? All we can say is that this year, there is so much to do in so little time. At the moment, we are taking a steady step at a time, that’s all that matters. We have never really been fans of maxi dresses as such. Most of the outfits in our closet tend to be full of anything high-waisted be it pants or skirts name it. Funny fact though is that this heat has made us go back to the drawing board, like literally. Believe it or not, our closet is currently bursting with all types of maxi dresses. One…



    Hi guys, We hope that you are all doing well this April so far. As for us, we are not complaining, we are busy with work as well as the blog as usual. Though there is only one thing we are fussing about…the heat whoa! Speaking of the weather, like really, we are literally roasting in this heat, it’s insane. We are hoping for the rains to come through ASAP. Moving on, it’s been ages since we did a floral post and thought it is about time we did one. There is just a way the floral print just brightens up our day even if we are having a hectic…



    Ladies and gents, welcome aboard to a new episode. It’s time to Crop it Up and Short it Down. Cool? The sun was out and so were we!!! Of course, ha-ha. Up and down, in and out, happy and jumpy.  This day started out with some fog and drizzles in the morning but was later warm with spells of sunshine. Quite honestly, we really enjoy when the atmosphere is bright and sunny – we get psyched up for the day plus there is usually much to do and ideas just flow…things get done faster, you know…Therefore, shorts and crop tops were the mantra for the day coupled up with sneakers.



    Hey loves! We hope that you are grinding as usual, because we are. Ladies, you know how men try to wonder why we always say that we have no clothes yet our closets are bursting with all manner of clothes left, right and centre? Well, this is definitely something that will take men a while to understand. What better way to solve this problem than to tell you how you can just mix, match and go, no matter the prints. This is actually the main title of this post. We wore different



    Blissful March world :-). The weather in Nairobi has been unpredictable since the beginning of the year. It’s legitimate for us to assert that it’s the cold season, with long rains and less sunshine.  Therefore, furry and leather inspired outfits are definitely relevant; coupled up with coffee mornings and sugary treats.  WARMTH is of the essence. Fur coats are divine, classy and timeless, not to mention their heavenly texture ; and so is leather – it’s waterproof, reflective nature  and soft  touch makes it superb.    What are your favourite outfits during the cold season? Share your thoughts below. Many thanks for reading. Love, Emu Twins.



    ROSETTES…the name given to the spots on a leopard because they look like roses. The leopard is the smallest of all the big cats. The print is charming and hence was such a creative idea for designers to use this inspiration from nature on fabrics, paintings, artifacts and various accessories. We coupled up the leopard print with white, so that the motif stands out impeccably. We happened to be somewhat in the wild, but luckily couldn’t spot any wild life. Their absence made us brave enough for this shoot. We are hence so grateful to our innovative photographer for the location, his ideas of making us pose on this booster…