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    Happy December folks… It’s the final month of the year already and we can’t wait to shop and share. Sales are booming all over town – in malls, supermarkets and online, it’s crazy. There’s also so much good food and recipes making rounds both virtually and physically. It’s always a bright idea to save at least 15% of your net income every month so as to shop and/or invest. However, always keep in mind that you need to KEEP FIT. You’ll definitely thank us later. As we speak, it’s dripping, it’s raining, it’s pouring… On the contrary, December should be a sunny month in Kenya, but nature decided otherwise. Better…

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    Happy October :)

    Happy October everybody. Quite honestly, this month has rushed. Literally…it’s unbelievable. It seems as though the year 2020 can’t wait to catch a glimpse of us, ha-ha. The short rains are in Nairobi and most parts in Kenya actually, but at least the sun pops out in the afternoons – we consider this as a blessing. For real. Spells of sunshine in the midst of a rainy season is just pure bliss. There are many occasions lined up this month and we will definitely share the events with you, little by little. The year is almost coming to a close and usually there are many offers/sales in many different stores.…

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2019

    Thank you for joining us for the first time this year as we continue our journey of fulfillment and destiny. Happy New year to you. Happy 2019. We wish you the very best in all that you seek to achieve. It is indeed a blessing to see a new day, more so a new year; God is good. May you excel in what you put your hands to; May you be fruitful in all ways; May you awaken with ambition; Let laughter be your signature; Let consistency be your mantra; Let victory be your testimony; Be so real; Be so smart; Be so keen; Embrace knowledge; Embrace admirable character; Embrace…

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    Be tender to yourself. Don’t be harsh. Realize how delicate you are; you are your most important asset; the author of your existence. When you work hard and achieve some of your goals, reward yourself – spa sessions, sumptuous gastronomies, new apparels, random expeditions… A-HA?

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    It has been a journey of new opportunities, fresh experiences and most importantly self-acceptance. We are definitely grateful for everything that life has offered us. We have met people from different walks of life that have become part of our lives; worked in different organizations hence created lifelong work

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    Hello dear reader, We as Kenyans are eager that we get to speak through the ballot to exercise our most important constitutional right – TO VOTE. As a democratic state, 8th August, 2017 will see Kenyans decide on who takes the pinnacles of governance. Therefore we would like to urge you to spread the word of peace everywhere you go. Do not engage or condone any form of hate speech or intimidation that will compromise your love for one another, hence