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    Happy December folks… It’s the final month of the year already and we can’t wait to shop and share. Sales are booming all over town – in malls, supermarkets and online, it’s crazy. There’s also so much good food and recipes making rounds both virtually and physically. It’s always a bright idea to save at least 15% of your net income every month so as to shop and/or invest. However, always keep in mind that you need to KEEP FIT. You’ll definitely thank us later. As we speak, it’s dripping, it’s raining, it’s pouring… On the contrary, December should be a sunny month in Kenya, but nature decided otherwise. Better…

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    Happy September loves! It’s already mid-month and we really had to put up a post. This is one of the longest post we have ever written since we started blogging, so just grab a cup of tea, milk, water or whatever drink.. Haha.We have never never had a walk at Karura ever. Doreen only goes to Karura when she has meetings and parties at the River Cafe (a cafe inside the forest) but has never taken a walk in the forest. Maureen on the other hand has never even attempted

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    Happy Easter everyone. This is one of the universally recognised seasons when people break from their regular occupations just to be with family and friends; in a bid to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Places of worship are often busy with acts and scenes as depicted in the Bible in remembrance of this significant history for the Christian community. Usually, people are known to merry and in turn overindulge. Recall that exercise is important for your body. A simple jog or walk for 10-20 minutes helps in weight loss (by burning calories), improves blood flow, better breathing, normal heartbeat and even prevent the risk of heart attack.…

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    Seizing every moment is what we live for. We all love memories or memoirs as Maureen mentions it. It calls for a memory that needs a picture behind it. This particular day, we decided to do some morning jogs across the coastline in line with our keeping fit agenda. Since the weather in the morning is usually kinda cold and humid, we